Mother and daughter team Lynn Pryor and Isabelle Scheyd founded Flat Pluto as a way to enjoy and share their mutual love of fashion and art.

After years of taking Isabelle to museums and art galleries, Isabelle in turn introduced Lynn to the less conventional art form of tattooing - which inspired them to form Flat Pluto.

The duo, in association with international leisurewear specialist Ansgar Beckstedde, pay tribute to the art of tattooing through luxuriously soft cashmere sweaters featuring the designs of celebrated tattoo artists. In keeping with the unique and personalized tradition of tattooing, each limited edition sweater is hand embroidered and hand numbered.

Ethical and environmentally friendly

Ethical and environmentally conscious sourcing, production, and packaging are core values of Flat Pluto. We continually look for new approaches to reduce the environmental impact of our production, packaging, and shipping as well as ways to maintain and improve ethical standards, guaranteeing living wages and safe and pleasant working conditions.

Cashmere from nomadic families

Flat Pluto’s cashmere is sourced by the Consinee Group from nomadic families rearing cashmere goats on Tibet’s Himalayan plateau, the plains of Mongolia, and China’s northern prairies.

Consinee co-operates with each herding family personally to ensure grazing is rotated to prevent desertification and the goats are well treated – with individual coding to ensure traceability of the yarn through to the finished product. The company is, among others, GOTS and SFA certified as healthy, eco friendly, and supportive of a global sustainability standard for cashmere production.

Handmade production

Our sweaters are produced through Orderly Industries Hong Kong by Donguan Tian Fu Li Garment (TFL), specialists in luxury knitwear for high-end brands requiring handwork such as embroidery, beading, and brushing.

The factory is small and friendly, with only 50 artisans, and undergoes regular labour, health & safety, environmental, and ethical audits meeting Gold Standard certification.

Sustainable packaging

Flat Pluto sweaters are sustainably packaged in organic cotton bags and shipped in cardboard boxes wrapped in brown paper. All packaging is free of harmful dyes and can be reused or recycled.

We offset carbon emissions from shipping in partnership with Climate Care - and always look for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our production, packaging, and delivery.

We are committed to supporting the communities where our goats are raised.